1. What is IDRL?

IDRL or Indian Drone Racing League is the first and largest platform for drone and drone racing pilots in India. It was started in 2016 and today has a massive user base of 4100+ pilots and counting.

2. What does IDRL do?

IDRL is the Official Drone Racing Body in India that conducts drone races all over India and in partnership with several Government bodies, Educational and Commercial Institutions.

3. How many events has IDRL conducted so far?

IDRL has conducted more than 75 events so far and counting.

4. What is IDRL SAH?

IDRL SAH is the E-Sports division of IDRL comprising of 6 city franchise teams and races are conducted online in a multiplayer format. Currently IDRL SAH is in its 3rd Season of Racing.

5. What kind of products and services other than events does IDRL provide?

IDRL provides its Official IDRL Merchandise which is available from the IDRL Store. It also provides IDRL Market which is a platform that allows drone pilots to buy and sell their new and used drone parts and drone racing gear. In addition to this, there is the IDRL X Membership which provides lots of upgraded benefits including personalized drone training, higher visibility and promotion on IDRL, great discounts and offers along with premium support. See the IDRL Store for a description of the full range of merchandise and detailed description of the IDRL X Membership.

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